Version 1.1

- Procedural generation was added
- Over 20 rooms are add an there's more to come
- Now you can make your own rooms through the editor (WIP)
- Added SCP-106 but he's dimension needs to be added
- SCP-049 Was added once again
- A new introduction was added
- New animations
- Movement engine was reworked
- More ambience sounds
- Added event log for more information
- Better console commands
- Game optimized for weak computers
- Fixed lag issues even with high end computers
- Fixed dead bodies not spawning items
- Improved loading times
- Fixed Save/Load crash problems ( i think )


SCPFoundation 1.1 71 MB
Aug 30, 2018
SCP Room Editor (WIP) 2 MB
Aug 30, 2018

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about to make ep 2 soon 

My game is stopping work randomly and when i save my game,the game stop working and when i load i found myself dead :(